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Caitlyn Conlin

Caitlyn Conlin is currently a resident of Phoenix, AZ. Made up of opposites that attract. Once found her purpose on a sunset train. She plans to meet up with it again some day and talk about the good old days.



Carl Miller Daniels.JPG
Carl Miller Daniels

Carl Miller Daniels is 56 years old. He currently lives in ruggedly masculine Homerun, VA. Over the years, his poems have appeared in lots of nice places: Chiron Review; FRiGG; FUCK!; a couple of Future Tense Books anthologies; My Favorite Bullet; Nerve Cowboy; Pearl; Poetry Super Highway; Poetz; Slipstream; Strangeroad; Wormwood Review; Zen Baby; Zygote in my Coffee; and 5AM, to name a few. Daniels has had two chapbooks published in the past dozen years or so: Shy Boys at Home (published by Chiron Review Press), and Museum Quality Orgasm (published by Future Tense Books). The poet Antler wrote the following comment for Daniels’ chapbook Shy Boys at Home, and Antler’s comment appears on the cover of that chapbook: “Carl Miller Daniels’ poems incarnate youthful gay sexuality with gentleness, passion and delight. Shy Boys at Home is a unique contribution to the renaissance of gay poetry in America at the beginning of the new Millennium.” (Nice comment, huh?) On three separate occasions, Daniels has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. He and his lover, Jon (aka “the sweetest man in the world”), have lived together for over 25 years.


Arius Elvikis

Born and raised an Illinoisian, Arius Elvikis earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Bradley University in Peoria, IL, and is currently earning his Masters of Fine Arts degree at Arizona State University. His studies stem from his love of cartooning, his interest in science and technology, and an unending fascination with the end of the world.


Rick Engelmann

Rick Engelmann taught high school English, Theory of Knowledge and Film and Video Production in Arizona for over thirty years. He is now studying Spanish in Cochabamba, Bolivia while he attempts to determine “the Next.”


Roz Fuller

Roz grew up splitting the difference between small-town America and the LA suburbs. She spent a year in Belgium eating waffles and reading every book in the Antwerp library. Her interests include politics, history, and hope. She counts survival as her greatest personal triumph. She is currently a legal assistant and lives in Mesa, Arizona.


Barrett Hathcock.JPG
Barrett Hathcock

Barrett Hathcock lives in Birmingham, Ala., with a family of raccoons. He’s had other work appear in The MacGuffin and the Colorado Review, and he’s a contributing editor at the Quarterly Conversation. “Nightswimming” is part of a collection of linked stories he’s working on. This fall he will begin teaching creative writing at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tenn. The raccoons will not be joining him.


Thomas W. Helminski

Thomas was born in upstate New York and has lived in Lincoln, Nebraska and Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is currently an aspiring writer and lives in Chandler, Arizona.


Jonathan Hust

Jonathan Hust was born. He took piano lessons. His grandfather listened to a lot of Hank Williams. Jonathan taught himself guitar. He is currently a musician based in Prescott, Arizona.


Craig Nagoshi

Craig Nagoshi grew up in Hawaii and currently lives in Chandler, Arizona. He is Associate Professor in the psychology department of Arizona State University. Craig has two sons, Vincent and Alex.


Julie Nagoshi

Julie grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. She is currently pursuing her PhD. in Social Work at Arizona State University. Among Julie’s interests are gender identity and LGBTQ issues. Julie lives in Chandler; she has two children, Alex and Vincent.


Candace Ramsey.JPG
Candace Ramsey

Candace was born and raised in Ganado, AZ on the Navajo Reservation. She is of the Honeycombed-Rock People and born for the Blacksheep Clan. Candace currently resides in Phoenix, AZ. Her writing interests include poetry, short stories, and memoirs.


Jon Riley

Jon Riley is a computer programmer who lives in Phoenix, Arizona. He grew up in Denver, Colorado. Jon is also a percussionist.


Justin Sean

Justin is a poet and lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Kyle Shelton

Kyle Shelton is currently studying the law at Arizona State University and hopes one day to use his “lawyering” skills for good and not evil (although he makes no promises). He graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in English, with an emphasis on creative writing. He currently resides in Tempe.


Felix Schulz

Felix lives in Berlin, Germany. His interests include Chinese language, music composition and martial arts.


Dirk Vaughan

Dirk Vaughan accepts the colonoscopy of middle age with a perspective that admires the Myth of Sisyphus and from a life that includes lawful and lawless violence, sudden death, inexplicable survival, vast love, unfortunate mistakes, insatiable curiosity combined with mostly good intentions and familiarity with the impact craters of Change. His old truck is currently parked in Far West Texas nowhere near strip malls or cineplexes but not too far from the Dairy Queen and right beside the old sedan of an untamed woman conceived in the West Village of Manhattan.


Trevor Helminski

Trevor Helminski was born in upstate New York and lived briefly in Lincoln, Nebraska and in Berlin, Germany, where he studied the history of theater in the German Democratic Republic. He currently lives in Chandler, Arizona. His other interests include the sciences and political theory. Contact Trevor at


Chris Livesay

Chris is from Chandler, Arizona. His interests in visual media have brought him to Belgium, Italy, and Los Angeles. He currently lives in Tempe, Arizona and teaches middle school. He can be reached at


Clifton Smith

Clifton was born in Apache Junction, AZ. His early education was in road labor. Tiring of this, he moved on to study film and astronomy. His interests are in truth, reason, and compassion. He hopes to one day save Africa. Clifton has been an active editor of [sic] magazine since its inception. His other editorial efforts are ongoing. You can reach him at