Issue one

August, 2007

[sic] magazine reflects the diversity of its contributors and readers and their interests by exploring an eclectic range of topics.   

In our first issue you will find essays about gender studies, film, contemporary art, science and religion, along with a number of original poems and personal narratives, philosophical fiction, an account of a journey to China, and a correspondence about contemporary song lyrics.


Song Analysis Correspondence (Part One)
Jonathan Hust and Clifton Smith

Three Views on the Meaning of Suffering
Craig Nagoshi

Emily’s Sister
Thomas W. Helminski

Julie Nagoshi

“April 6, 2007, 5:42”
Craig Nagoshi

The Driver
Jon Riley

“What part of whole”
Caitlyn Conlin

A Journey to China
Felix Schulz

Sex in the Film Shortbus
Clifton Smith

The Image Registry of Historic Places
Justin Sean

Way Out
Dirk Vaughan

and people?
Clifton Smith

The Logic of Mass
Chris Livesay

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