“What part of whole”

by Caitlyn Conlin

What part of whole
is whole
And who decides this whole?
I have yet to find what hole there is
In finding parts to fill
Can it be that wholes are defined by holes?
And what if I’m searching for the wrong whole to fill?
In fact, I think you have my hole and I have yours
It was fun for a while
While I forgot
But now that I am remembering
I’d like my hole back please
I like my wholes better than yours
To find in time
What makes them mine
Filled in and out of ease

One thought on ““What part of whole””

  1. Ahhh… what a lovely poem. Very reflective and, might I say, another way to pose the age-old question of “Is the glass half empty or half full?”
    Still, it stands on it’s own and reads well. Wish I knew where to find more of your work.

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